Sunday, March 15, 2009

✖Oh God✖

Oh God~ so many people are asking me to dubs with them... I just mixed 4 that i'm not uploading, most of them have a bad mic quallity so i had to fix them like crazy and u have no idea how bad the mics were >.>"

a few dubs i upload this week~

Love in Snow - My Solo Dub [Originally by Ueda Tatsuya, KAT-TUN]

One Drop - My Solo Dub [Originally by KAT-TUN]

Hajimete Kuchibiru o Kasaneta Yoru Kara (Groupdub) - Celia & Aura & Me [Originally by Linlin & Ogawa Saki & Suzuki Airi]

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

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