Saturday, January 31, 2009

✖LOVE Namida Iro (Duet)✖

Yesterday, Miri-chan asked me to dub LOVE Namida Iro (Niigaki & Tsuji 2006 Concert ver.) with her, it was about 1-2am yesterday night xDDDD
The dub came out this morning because Nanami was being a bad girl and recorded right after she got the colour code and cutted instrumental from Miri-chan xDDD

Here's the link to it~

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

✖My Awesome Day with Aurora✖

Today I went to karaoke with Aurora (Aura), we also took purikuras xDDD but the best part was we went to this Johnny's Entertainment Shop and got some photos xDDDD I got 7 Yaotome Hikaru photo for myself, 1 Yamada Ryosuke photo for Nana and 1 Yamapi photo for Celia xDDD
I also brought a Hey! Say! JUMP CD xDDD *is a super Yaotome Hikaru fan* AND I also brought a Pepper Keibu poster xDDDDDDD

And also~
Ai♥Okashi'a third song is out!!! *I just uploaded it* xDDDD

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

Monday, January 26, 2009

✖My Newest Dub ~ Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~✖

My newest song~ Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ originally by Tegomass.
This is for my Twilight Legend second round of TLP solo thingie~
I dun wanna type the whole thing again xDDD please read the video discribtion xDDD
*sorry for being lazy*

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

Sunday, January 18, 2009

✖My Newest Dub ~ REAL LOVE✖

yep, as the title said, i sang a new song, it's Sugaya Risako's REAL LOVE

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

✖Stupid Me✖

Today i was bored, Celia was talking to me at her lessons on MSN, and i was bugging her about when will she get home. So, after her got out, she rushed back home just to talk to me, but amazing, i was so bored that i went to watch this weird movie with my mum, and Celia fell off her bike for nothing xDDD i am stupid, and i mean VERY stupid, i should have waited......... SORRY CELIA~!!! *bows*

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

Monday, January 12, 2009

✖Exam Suckz✖

yes~ like the title said~ exam suckz!!! my parents made me study like hell and i dun even get to touch my awesome computer! (is sneeking onto the comp)~
I'm sorry for not updating this blog cuz i have an exam, and also for not making any videos...
Well~ It's Math exam tomorrow~ and lemme tell u sumthing~ I HATE MATH! xDDD
ok, i know i'm typing all this weird stuff here~ but i just dunno wat else to type, i didnt have fun during all these time at all. My exam started last Monday and ends next Tuesday~ it's torture... but the good thing is, i have no exam this Wednesday, so i might get some time to record.

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

✖The New Kanashimi LOVE Project✖

Sakura was about to close Kanashimi LOVE Project down because she wanted to consentrate on her school work more, but Celia & Me & Spicy & Aura didn't want that to happen, so Celia asked Sakura if we could take over the group, and she said it's fine. And now~ the new KLP has released their first song, "Do It Now" (we call it "Do It Mow" xDDD), staring Celia (Setsuna), Zoey (Nanami), Aura (Aurora), Spicy (Jennapi) and Sakura (Katie)

Here's the link to it~ Please enjoy~!

✖Hoshino Nanami✖