Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dress Rehearsal + Sarah's 16th Bday Party

im so tired, i went out for at least 6 hours today.
Dress Rehearsal + Sarah's 16th Bday Party all in one day xDDDD
i went for rehearsal from 1:30 to 6. Then party from 6 to 9-ish-10.
Dress rehearsal was really exciting and the party was really awesome!
I took some helium ballons back to the boarding house and did this hilium voice thing, i sounded like a chipmonk xDDD

i am too lasy to type more cuz it's almost 1 am and i need to sleep cuz im tired xDDD
so thats all for today lmao

Monday, May 3, 2010

School Musical

I'm currently trying to catch up with everyone else in the The Boyfriend (School musical which will be performed on my birthday *May 19th* till the 21st).
Since I didnt audition for the musical(cuz it was held when i wasn't in the school yet) and was kinda dragged in by the drama teacher, i still have to learn the words for a few more songs... all the reheasals i've had added together was 1/4 of everyone else's... but i understand how the 'entertainment world' is, even if u have less time, u might have exceptions but u'll still be exspected to be able to do the same things as everyone else.
Luckly as most of u know, i'm a fast learner, hopefully i'll learn them all before the next reheasal which will be the first time reheasing with the orchstra as well on this Friday.
Wish me luck <3

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life at St.Catherines, Melbourne, Australia

i really miss the time when i can record as much as i want and even record until i get sick of it. Life in the boarding school sucks... i cant record or anything... everyday, every week are the same... repeating what i've been doing for the past 3 weeks over and over again. I miss my friends in HK, i miss my dubbing friends, i miss my old life and I MISS EVERYTHING THAT I HAD BEFORE.

I have to share a room with 3 other girls and only having a tiny bed when i have a king size bed back at home in HK.

The time difference is killing me, i can barely talk to my dubbing friends anymore. This is a torture since i find the dubbing world more real then the real world i'm in all the years after i started dubbing. On YT, I'm a girl who can show off my talents anytime i want but in the real world... I'm nobody... i barely have any friends here in Melbourne... no offence or anything but people are really racist in my school. I feel like a total loser in the real world... I would rather stay in the dubbing world forever and never come back out...