Friday, October 2, 2009

✖Lazy Meh✖

Yes~ i haven't been updating my blog for so long, and i'm back now xDDDD
And yea~ i was lazy -gets smacked here-
i'll be updating my blog everyday (hopefully) from now on~

just one thing i wanted show off about today xDDD
my vibrato is comming out lmao
i found out that it was there for a long time but i was just blocking it cuz i thought it was my stupid-not-enough-breath-shaky problem.
but today i was playing around, recording S/mileage's second single and i just let my "shakyness" go free cuz i wasnt gonna upload it anyways~
THEN i found out that it wasnt my stupid-not-enough-breath-shaky problem that i was holding back, it was my vibrato -dies-

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