Monday, January 12, 2009

✖Exam Suckz✖

yes~ like the title said~ exam suckz!!! my parents made me study like hell and i dun even get to touch my awesome computer! (is sneeking onto the comp)~
I'm sorry for not updating this blog cuz i have an exam, and also for not making any videos...
Well~ It's Math exam tomorrow~ and lemme tell u sumthing~ I HATE MATH! xDDD
ok, i know i'm typing all this weird stuff here~ but i just dunno wat else to type, i didnt have fun during all these time at all. My exam started last Monday and ends next Tuesday~ it's torture... but the good thing is, i have no exam this Wednesday, so i might get some time to record.

✖Hoshino Nanami✖

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Anonymous said...

Ah~ Ganbatte ne, Nanami <333

Ouen shichau yo~ 8DDDD