Wednesday, January 28, 2009

✖My Awesome Day with Aurora✖

Today I went to karaoke with Aurora (Aura), we also took purikuras xDDD but the best part was we went to this Johnny's Entertainment Shop and got some photos xDDDD I got 7 Yaotome Hikaru photo for myself, 1 Yamada Ryosuke photo for Nana and 1 Yamapi photo for Celia xDDD
I also brought a Hey! Say! JUMP CD xDDD *is a super Yaotome Hikaru fan* AND I also brought a Pepper Keibu poster xDDDDDDD

And also~
Ai♥Okashi'a third song is out!!! *I just uploaded it* xDDDD

✖Hoshino Nanami✖


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