Monday, May 3, 2010

School Musical

I'm currently trying to catch up with everyone else in the The Boyfriend (School musical which will be performed on my birthday *May 19th* till the 21st).
Since I didnt audition for the musical(cuz it was held when i wasn't in the school yet) and was kinda dragged in by the drama teacher, i still have to learn the words for a few more songs... all the reheasals i've had added together was 1/4 of everyone else's... but i understand how the 'entertainment world' is, even if u have less time, u might have exceptions but u'll still be exspected to be able to do the same things as everyone else.
Luckly as most of u know, i'm a fast learner, hopefully i'll learn them all before the next reheasal which will be the first time reheasing with the orchstra as well on this Friday.
Wish me luck <3

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